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Roofers Liberate Yourself
from Lead Companies

✅ 25+ Roofing Job Requests Per Month

✅ Sent Directly Using Our System

✅ Inbound Roofing Requests, No Chasing

✅ 100% Money Back Guarantee

As Seen In

As Seen In

We Free Roofers from Lead Companies… Forever.

✅ 25+ Roofing Job Requests Per Month

✅ Sent Directly Using Our System

✅ Inbound Roofing Requests, No Chasing

✅ 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Over 100+ Trusted Five Star Reviews

Roofers Liberate Yourself from Lead Companies

Over 100+ Trusted Five Star Reviews

Experience the freedom of self-sufficiency in roofing lead generation, if we don’t fulfill our promises, receive 100% of your money back.

How Does the Rushmore Blueprint Work?

We implement a painless, Four-Step process.

Maximise Referrals

Get cash fast and continuously gain referrals passively.

Digital Real Estate

A one time build system providing quality inbound roofing leads owned by you.

Boost Reputation

More calls simply means that you will have easier sales.

Centralize Comms

Turn missed calls into cash with rapid response.

Authentic Approach, Genuine Outcomes.

Our Values:




Ryan and Reilly, our visionary founders, have ingeniously crafted a job-generating asset designed to amplify your inbound job requests on auto-pilot.

This trailblazing solution is transforming the industry and reshaping the way contractors attract business.

Embrace the future, where you no longer need to rely on ads or agencies for lead generation.

Why Choose the Rushmore Blueprint?

Our Secret

Unlocking the key to success in the contractor industry has always been a challenge. But now, we’re ready to reveal our secret. A tried-and-tested method that has propelled countless businesses to new heights and set them on the path to prosperity. At the heart of our system is a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, strategic marketing, and an unwavering dedication to your success. We’ve cracked the code to generating leads effortlessly and consistently, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional service to your clients. Embrace the power of our secret and let us help you unlock the full potential of your business. Experience a new level of growth, control, and independence as you become a leader in your field.

Check Out our Happy Contractors!

“We were able to stop purchasing leads”

Tyler A.

Roofing Contractor - Chesterfield, PA

Honestly hesitant at first, but the results speak! We were able to stop purchasing leads and my business is booming, and I couldn’t be happier. man, i love this. Also the money back guarantee helped me go forward with it and I trust these guys like my granddad. Thank you Reilly and Ryan!

“I don’t stress at all anymore”

Brian J.

Kitchen / Bathroom Remodeler - Richmond, VA

The Rushmore Blueprint has been a true game-changer, what a headache dealing with all these marketing companies. I dont stress at all anymore

“More jobs, less money spent, I couldn’t be happier”

Jason M.

Landscaper - Raleigh, NC

I struggled using this one ad company that i paid way too much money for. Rushmore Blueprint turn[ed] this around! More jobs, less money spent, I couldn’t be happier. I focus on more important things, now that i’ve got a marketing system that gives me time to kick back

“SEO never worked for us, I wish I had started sooner”

Kevin D.

Plumber - Wheeling, WV

I’m free from lead companies! Thanks guys! I’ve told my friends about this and they joined about a month ago and love working with the Rushmore guys too. They’ve got a quick process and OVER deliver what they guarantee. I mean, SEO never worked for us, I wish I had started sooner

The Rushmore Blueprint vs SEO / Ads

Consistent High-Quality Leads

One-Time Fee

Passive Lead Generation

Maximized Referrals

Building Digital Real Estate

Boosting Reputation

Centralized Communication

Scalable for Rapid Growth

No Ad Spend Required

Even More Happy Customers!

Matt S.

Carpenter - Wake Forest, NC

“Yeah these guys are great. They gave me a vet discount when I found them too! Working marketing always is my least favorite thing and now I dont have to do my least favorite thing LOL ive got more jobs then I can handle and brought on a partner to help woodwork. Less money spent, more free time with my son.

Liam T.

General Contractor - Louisville, KY

Their tailored strategy far exceeded my expectations. Inbound leads increased dramatically, and I don’t have to talk to lead companies or have another marketing budget anymore, I’ve got more time to spend with my wife and church. Great service, I’m happy I found them

William F.

Electrician - Dayton, OH

Skeptical at first, the 100% money-back guarantee convinced me to try the Rushmore Blueprint. The results were astounding – increased leads, referrals, and revenue. I just shut off ALL my ads!

Derek H.

Kitchen Remodeler - Clearwater, FL

The Rushmore Blueprint team knows their stuff. And they helped me understand our needs more than I did. This blueprint they have is game-changing and now we get calls rolling in everyday 🚀🚀🚀Our problem is keeping up with all the jobs now and not a bad thing at all. 5 stars all day

Landry H.

Plumber - Allentown, PA

These guys are great! My google reviews went up real quick and the rushmore blueprint worked! We got another truck because we couldnt keep up with all the calls too.  My business wasn’t in a bad place before but now its even better. We’re only on month 5 now too. Thanks! and lookin forward to whats ahead 

Jose G.

Financial Planner - Austin, TX

it didn’t work out with these guys because they said Austin, TX was  too competitive for my specific niche – I respect their honesty and I got my full refund within 48 hours. Couldn’t ask for better customer service and stand up guys

Cut Out the Middle Man

In the world of marketing and lead generation, middlemen such as advertising agencies and lead generation companies often come with high fees and inconsistent results. With the Rushmore Blueprint, we’re breaking the mold and offering a solution that eliminates the need for these intermediaries. By cutting out the middle man, we’re putting the power back into your hands, giving you full control over your business’s growth and success.

Get Started In 3 Steps

Schedule a Call:

Begin your journey by booking a consultation with our team of experts. We'll assess your needs and determine if our system is the right fit for your business.


Our team will develop a tailor-made plan designed to meet your specific goals, incorporating our innovative lead generation techniques and industry insights.

Experience Growth:

With our guidance and support, watch your business flourish as you enjoy a consistent influx of leads and newfound control over your company's growth and success.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction and success are our top priorities. If our system doesn’t deliver the results we promise, we’ll refund your investment in full, giving you peace of mind as you embark on this journey towards business growth and independence.

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Trust in our expertise, and let us guide you on the path to greatness. Discover the Rushmore Blueprint difference and take the first step toward a thriving, successful future.

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